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"If you do not think a good obesity solution has roots in modern psychology you might be happily surprised after your first consultation." Coach Micheal

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  •  The Options Weight Loss Coaching Method was founded on a programme designed to combat recidivism among patients who underwent a bariatric  intervention such as the Gastric Balloon, Gastric Bypass Surgery, and Gastric Band intervention.

  • Without a doubt, bariatric surgery remains the most effective modality to induce sustainable weight loss in the morbidly obese. We are talking about patients needing to lose 100-plus pounds.

  • One of the problems is the propensity of patients to regain the weight they have lost.

  • The nonsurgical treatment of severe obesity can be a lifelong struggle with high recidivism and suffering if the wrong methodology is used.  Modern psychology is the answer.

"The Options Weight Loss Coaching Method acknowledges the mental health, lifestyle & behaviour aspects of obese patient life and derives from constant patient assessment and continued evaluation a custom, cognitive therapy for each person."

 The Options Weight Loss Coaching Method is indicated  for

  1. morbidly obese, level II and III  obese patients who need to lose a modest amount of weight in order to to be eligible for bariatric surgery in the operating room (in other words they are too big for the O/R table) ;

  2. overweight patients (BMI 25 - 29)  who would be candidates for liposuction, tummy tuck, breast reduction, and other procedures but need to restore themselves to a healthier state by reducing their overweight condition;

  3. modestly overweight patients plus level 1 obese patients who are dedicated to achieving their goals will not likely need any other method of weight control than the Options Weight Loss Coaching Method ;

  4. any patient who is not a candidate for bariatric surgical intervention with a need to reduce weight.

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  • Patients on the Options Weight Loss Coaching Method  program experience improved energy levels,  pride in their appearance, an improved self-image, a new outlook on life, improved intimacy in their personal relationships, freedom from once dangerous psychological triggers, and better ways of solving life's emotional problems.
  • The Options Weight Loss Coaching Method  can suit morbidly obese patients who have had bariatric surgery. Whereas no one disputes the ability of morbidly obese patients to lose weight, the challenge is to maintain weight loss in the long term.  That is where our program serves a useful purpose for assisting their surgeons and MD in maintaining a steady weight loss with an attached adjustment in lifestyle with our ongoing support. Such weight-loss maintenance is critical to achieving the beneficial effects of a reduced weight.
  • The We do not challenge the fact that bariatric surgery for the morbidly obese is the only treatment modality that produces significant, sustained, long-term weight loss in patients with severe obesity.  We augment that process for seriously obese patients. In addition, permanent weight loss through bariatric surgery reduces the relative risk of death by 35% to 89%, depending on the study, and produces significant pharmacoeconomic benefits.

Classification BMI Category (kg/m2) Risk of developing health problems
Underweight < 18.5 Increased
Normal Weight 18.5 - 24.9 Least
Overweight 25.0 - 29.9 Increased
Obese class I 30.0 - 34.9 High
Obese class II 35.0 - 39.9 Very high
Obese class III >= 40.0 Extremely high (morbid obesity)
 Email Contact ~ Phone 416-836-2497