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"Our Life-Style Management & Behavior Modification Training Is Fun."
Coach Micheal
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Coaching makes a world of difference to a person trying to lose weight.


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Our plan is simple, structured and effective. We fight obesity.

 The Options Weight Loss Coaching Method is indicated  for

  • morbidly obese, level II and III  obese patients who need to lose a modest amount of weight in order to to be eligible for bariatric surgery in the operating room (in other words they are too big for the O/R table) ;

  • overweight patients (BMI 25 - 29)  who would otherwise be candidates for liposuction, tummy tuck, breast reduction, and other procedures but need to restore themselves to a healthier state by reducing their overweight condition;

  • modestly overweight patients plus level 1 obese patients who are dedicated to achieving their goals will not likely need any other method of weight control than the Options Weight Loss Coaching Method ;

  • any patient who is not a candidate for bariatric surgical intervention who needs to reduce weight.

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A new short-term class begins every few weeks. 


The small 8-Week programme ($240.00) includes group and individual therapy, dietary support, group exercise and outings, planned activities, seminars and the reward of 8-17 pounds weight loss.Micheal

 Re-enrollment is possible. The programme can be used as a prelude to an intragastric balloon, gastric band or as a standalone process for losing weight.

My name is Micheal and I am an experienced weight loss specialist and psychotherapist.(http://fcs.mobrien.com) These classes began as a precursor and support regime to the intragastric balloon procedure but grew a life of their own as patients lost significant weight in a short period of time simply by changing their life style in a structured supportive environment. Cognitive therapy and behaviour modification therapy are used to help you change your lifestyle and to look and feel your very best.

Long term coaching and weight loss programs run stand-alone or in conjunction with bariatric surgery. Read more...

Dietary and Coaching Support

Our unique and proprietary diet and life-style coaching methodology includes in-person service delivery; video counseling; group counseling; experience sharing and learning; video conferencing; and SMS/E-Mail support. Our fun classes are the best, say many successful graduates. The program is intense . This is a safe and lasting way to lose weight. You will finally feel comfortable and happy eating a sensible, normal diet.

* Not everyone is a candidate for gastric intervention. We offer "Options".
* Every patient's weight loss needs will be evaluated individually.

We will help you change your lifestyle safely. You will learn an easier self-discipline that is rewarding, exciting and stimulating. You will learn some new ways of thinking about lifestyle; behavior triggers; diet; and you will have an opportunity to try a unique Canadian dietary supplement. Additionally you will be able to share experiences and support with and from other patients.

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